Li'l Litters

(Body color / hair color/ symbol)


My Little Puppy
Dalmation Dots Two White with Blue Dots Puppies, Yellow Puppies in a Basket Comb  

Sweet Spaniel

Two Gold & White Puppies, Light Blue Puppies in a Basket Comb    
Pretty Poodle Pink Puppy, Aqua Puppy, Aqua Puppies in a Basket Comb    
Lady Labador Purple Puppy, Purple & White Puppy, Pink Puppies in a Basket Comb  
My Little Kitty
Cutie Calico Gold Kitten, White Kitten,  Light Pink Kittens Comb  
Dreamy Siamese Two Pink with Purple Kittens, Dark Pink Kittens Brush    
Happy Tabby White Kitten with Purple Stripes, Purple Kitten with White Stripes, Blue Kittens Brush  
picture provided by: FantasticFirefly
Precious Persian  Pinkish Purple Kitten, Blue Kitten,Yellow Kittens Brush
My Little Bunny
Adorable Angora Mint Green Baby, Lavender Baby, Yellow Butterfly Brush
picture provided by: FantasticFirefly
Cuddly Cottontail Pale Blue Baby, Yellow Baby, Pink Butterfly Brush  
Fancy Floppy Pink Baby, Blue-Green Baby, Peach Butterfly Brush
Happy Hopper Light Pink Baby, Aqua Baby, Light Purple Butterfly Brush  
My Little Puppy Nursery

Scrub-A-Dub Spaniels

Pink Baby, Lavender Baby, White Bathtub, Aqua Scrub Brush, White Bar of Soap, Blue Moon Comb    
Sweet Dreams Poodle Purple Baby, Pink Baby, Aqua Cradle, Pink Bottle, Yellow Bottle,  Lavender Duck Comb    

Funtime Spaniels

Aqua with Pink Baby, Pink with Aqua Baby, Pink-Purple Playpen -Smaller in size than regular Baby Playpens, Peach-Pink Molded Teddy Bear, Stack toy with aqua, peach, purple and dark pink rings* Blue Lollipop Brush

*ring color order may vary

My Little Kitty Nursery
Perky Persians Peach with Aqua Baby,  Aqua with Peach Baby,  Yellow Playpen, Stacking Toy, Teddy Bear
Aqua Lollipop Brush
Sudsy Angoras White with pink Paws Kitten, Pink with White Paws Kitten, Aqua Bathtub, Yellow Bathbrush, White Bar of Soap, Peach Duck Comb
Slumber Time Siamese Two Blue and White Kittens, Pink Cradle, Baby Bottle Pink and Purple
Purple Moon Comb


US G1 My Little Ponies

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Year 6 (1988) Year 7 (1989) Year 8 (1990) Year 9 (1991) Year 10 (1992)
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