Year 6 (1988)
UK Accessories

(Body color / hair color/ symbol)


Sweetberry ponies (yr. 6)
Blackberry Pie
(US: Boysenberry Pie)
Unicorn Pony White ribbon, Pink flower brush  
Cherry Treats Earth Pony Pink ribbon, Dark aqua flower brush  
Raspberry Jam Earth Pony Blue ribbon, Purple flower brush  
Strawberry Surprise Earth Pony White  ribbon, Green sun comb  
Sundae Best Ponies (Yr. 6)
Banana Surprise Earth Pony Dark yellow ribbon, Purple -Pink wrapped candy comb  
Chocolate Chip
(Us Name: Coco Berry)
Unicorn PonyPink ribbon, Purple wrapped candy comb  
Cherry Berry
(US Name:Crunch Berry)
Earth Pony Pink ribbon, Dark aqua lollipop brush  
Peppermint Crunch Pegasus Pony Pink ribbon, Blue lollipop brush  
Sorbet Surprise.
(US Name: Sherbet)
Earth Pony Dark Yellow ribbon, Light Aqua lollipop brush

(US Name: Swirly Whirly)

Earth Pony Mint green ribbon, Pink wrapped candy comb  
Brush and Grow ponies
Bouquet Unicorn pony Brush  
Braided Beauty Pegasus Pony Brush
Curly Locks Pegasus Pony Brush
Pretty Vision Earth Pony Brush  
Ringlets Earth Pony Brush  
Twisty Tail
(Different Pose than US)
Earth Pony Brush  
Magic Message ponies (Yr. 6)
Cloud Dreamer Earth Pony  yellow ribbon, blue shooting star  
(US: Cuddles)
Earth Ponywhite ribbon, lavender bear brush  
Floater Pegasus Ponypink ribbon, green bird brush  
Magic Hat Unicorn PonyLight blue ribbon, Blue butterfly brush  
Mirror Mirror Earth Pony Pink ribbon, Dark Pink Moon Comb  
Magical Breeze
(US: Windy)
Earth Pony Mint Green Ribbon, Yellow Flower Brush  
Newborn Twins (Yr. 6)
Tickles & Giggles
(US: Jabber & Jebber)
Newborn Twin Unicorn Ponies 2 Purple Ribbons, Lt Green Bear Brush, Pink Bear Brush, 2 All White Small Bottles,  Purple with Pink Text  B-A-B-Y necklace, Pink with White Text B-A-B-Y necklace, 2 diapers, 1 Snugfit Nappy box Pink Sandbox

Credits: Thanks to ChipsteRJ for info on the Baby necklaces

Tuggles & Toddles
(US: Sticky & Sniffles)
Newborn Twin Unicorn Ponies 2 Pink ribbons, Lavender bear brush, Aqua bear brush, Lavender with yellow dish, 2 pink spoons, 2 all white bottles, 2 diapers,1 Snugfit Nappy box, Yellow with aqua flower see saw  
Fleecy & Fluffy
(US: Speckles & Bunkie)
Newborn Twin Pegasus Ponies Light Green Ribbons, Yellow Bear Brush, Aqua Bear Brush, 2 All white small bottles, 2 diapers, 1 Snugfit Nappy box, Yellow with Pink Rattle, White with Blue Rattle, White Elastic, Pink Elastic, Aqua & Yellow Snail Rocker

Credits: Thanks to Chrissytree for accessory info for Fleecy & Fluffy
Big Brother ponies
Barnacle Male Pony Yellow puppy brush, Yellow-Orange Paisley Print Bandana, Black pirate’s hat  
Chief Male Pony Blue race car comb, Yellow Paisley Print Bandana, Red Fire hat  
Wig Wam Male Pony Red race car comb, Blue paisley print bandana, Yellow headdress  
Summerwing Ponies (Yr. 6)
Buzzer Butterfly Pony Green Metallic Ribbon, Solid pink flower hair pick  
Glow Butterfly PonyBlue metallic ribbon, Solid pink flower hair pick  
High Flier Butterfly Pony Purple Metallic ribbon, Solid yellow flower hair pick  
Lady Flutter Butterfly Pony Pink metallic ribbon, Solid aqua flower hair pick  
Little Flitter Butterfly Pony Gold Metallic ribbon, Solid pink flower hair pick  
Sky Dancer Butterfly Pony Purple metallic ribbon, Solid lavender flower hair pick  
Colour Change Baby sea ponies (Yr.6)
Foamy Baby sea pony Dark Pink ribbon, Pink fish comb, Blue w/ yellow frog float  
Sealight Baby sea pony Pink Ribbon, Yellow fish comb, Green w/ pink turtle float  
Seashore Baby sea pony Purple ribbon, Blue fish comb, Orange w/blue fish float  
Wave Dancer Baby sea pony Dark Yellow Ribbon, Green fish comb, Yellow w/ purple lobster float  

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