Year 9 (1991)
UK Accessories

(Body color / hair color/ symbol)


Glowing Magic ponies(Yr.9)
Bright Glow Earth Pony   
Dazzle Glow Unicorn Hot Pink Ribbon, Hot Pink Moon Comb
Happy Glow Earth Pony    
Star Glow Pegasus Pony    
Pocket Friends Ponies (yr. 9)
Wriggle Pocket
(US: Bubblefish)
Earth Pony   
Hopping Pocket
(US: Bunny Hop)
Earth Pony Blue Ribbon, Blue Comb
Jingle Pocket
(US: Lil' Pocket)
Earth Pony   
Singing Pocket
(US: Sweet Pocket)
Earth Pony  Light Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Comb
Rockin' Beat ponies (Yr. 9)
Half Note Earth Pony Green Ribbon, Lime green guitar brush  
Pretty Beat Earth Ponies
UK--Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Guitar Brush (UK Picture Shown)
Sweet Notes Earth Pony

Hot Pink Ribbon, orange guitar brush

Tuneful Unicorn Pony Dark Pink Ribbon, Hot pink guitar brush with gold strap
Secret Surprise ponies (Yr. 9)
Spangling Secret
(US: Pretty Puff)
earth pony peach key, peach comb, gold ring with clear jewel.  
Shimmering Secret
(US:Secret Beauty)
earth pony purple key, mint green comb, silver ring with pink jewel,
Picture provided by: gazzy90
Sparking Secret
(US: Secret Star)
earth pony green key, pink comb, white beaded heart bracelet
Picture provided by: gazzy90
Shining Secret
(US: Stardazzle)
earth pony pink key, purple comb, purple beaded heart bracelet,
Picture provided by: gazzy90
Baby Rainbow Ponies (Yr. 9)
Baby Brightbow Baby Rainbow Ponies  White? Maybe light Aqua, Dark Aqua Star Comb
Baby Rainribbon Baby Rainbow Ponies
Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Star comb
Baby Starbow Baby Rainbow Ponies Dark Pink Ribbon, Dark Pink Star Comb
Baby Sunribbon Baby Rainbow Ponies Coral Ribbon, Coral Star Comb
Baby Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies
 (Yr. 9)
Baby Soft Steps Baby Jointed Ballerina Pony Purple Ribbon, Purple Wrapped Candy Comb
Baby Sweetsteps Baby Jointed Ballerina Pony    
Baby Tippytoes Baby Jointed Ballerina Pony    
Baby Toe Dancer Baby Jointed Ballerina Pony Pink Ribbon, Pink Wrapped Candy Comb
Teeny Weeny ponies (yr. 9)
Little Giggles Teeny Tiny Newborn Pony  Pinkduck comb, Pink Ribbon
Little Honey Pie Teeny Tiny Newborn Pony  Yellow Duck Comb, Yellow Ribbon
Little Lullabye
(US: Little Tabby)
Teeny Tiny Newborn Pony Purple duck comb, Purple Ribbon
Little Rattles
(US: Little Whiskers)
Teeny Tiny Newborn Pony Mint green Duck Comb, Mint Green Ribbon
Schooltime Ponies (Yr. 9)
Musictime   Blue ABC Comb, Yellow Vinyl Tote Bag with Orange Handles
Paintingtime   Aqua ABC Comb, Yellow Vinyl Tote Bag with Orange Handles  
Playtime   Pink ABC Comb, Yellow Vinyl Tote Bag with Orange Handles

*Comb was Blue in Germany
Sportstime   Yellow ABC Comb - Yellow Vinyl Bag with Orange Handles
Playschool Baby Ponies (Yr. 9)
Baby Alphabet Earth Light Aqua 1235 Comb
Baby Count-A-Lot Earth Pink 1234 Comb
Baby Pictures Pegasus Lavender 1234 Comb
Baby Schoolbag Earth Yellow 1234 Comb

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