Release Info:
Firefly was released in 1984 in US and Canada.
She was re-released with curly hair in 1985.  She was released in a new pose and slightly different coloring in 1991 with a video.
Like many of the Early Ponies Firefly was released in many different countries in several different variations.
Picture: Backcard Story

Firefly jumped on the wind and, soaring higher and higher, thought she might look for the rainbow. She knew it loved to play hide and seek. "I wonder where it is hiding today?" She thought. The wind whispered the answer in her ear. "Thanks for the ride!" Firefly said as she jumped off. She danced across the sky, sailing from cloud to cloud. Finally she saw the snow-crested mountain peaks. Nestled in the deep mountain valley was the rainbow. Firefly laughed because under the rainbow was Blossom, sound asleep!

Pony Description: Accessory Information:
1984-85 versions
Body: Pink
Hair: Aqua
Symbol: Two Glitter Blue Lighting Bolts
Eye Color: Purple
Special Notes 1985 version has longer curly hair

1991 Version
Body: Pink
Hair: Dark Blue
Symbol: Two Painted Blue Lightning Bolts
Eye Color: Purple
Special Notes She's in a new pose



1984 Firefly came with a lavender ribbon and a purple star brush. She also came with a round puffy sticker. She also came with the "My Beautiful Baby Pony Mail Offer Paper."

1985 Firefly came with a purple ribbon and a yellow moon comb She also came with a round puffy sticker

1991 Firefly came with a Purple Flower Brush and a Pink Firefly's Adventure VHS

Additional Pictures and Pony Information:

The 1985 Release Curly Hair Firefly

1991 Firefly's Adventure Re-release

Argentinean Firefly
Picture provided by: angelponies

Argentinean Firefly (Purple Hair)
Picture provided by: angelponies

French Firefly

Greek Firefly
(Pink with Blue Hair)

'Pigassos' (Pegasus)
Greek Firefly
Picture Provided by: SoSilver

Greek Firefly
(Green with Green and Yellow Hair)

Greek Firefly (Wedding Firefly)
(Blue with Purple and Pink Hair)

German Firefly - Curly hair
Part of the Fabelponys line
(came with yellow shooting star brush)

Italian Firefly
Picture Provided by: SoSilver

Italian Firefly
(Pink with Curly Blue Hair)
Picture Provided by: angelponies

Mexican Firefly
Picture provided by: KitKatVintage

Peruvian Firefly
(Pink with Blue Hair)
Picture provided by: Truly

Venezuelan Firefly (Pink with Yellow and Orange Hair)
Picture provided by: angelponies

Venezuelan Firefly
(Pink with Pink Hair)

Venezuelan Firefly (Squeeky Butt)
(Green with No Hair)

Stickle (US) - Firefly

Porcelain Firefly

Applause Plush Firefly (Painted Symbols)
(Came with a Purple Flower Brush with hole in handle)
Picture provided by: wyndeboo

Applause Firefly Plush Story Tag
Picture provided by: wyndeboo

Applause Plush Firefly (Embroidered Symbols)


Hasbro Softie Firefly (Open Mouth)


Hasbro Softie Firefly (Closed Mouth)

Dolly Mix Firefly

Firefly Stamper
Picture Provided by: Penny West

Pink Firefly Eraser
Picture Provided by: Penny West

Blue Firefly Eraser
Picture Provided by: Penny West
Pencil Tin (Blue) - Sunbeam, Glory and Firefly (US)

Pencil Tin (Pink) - Sunbeam, Glory and Firefly (US)

Pencil Box - Early Ponies
Picture Provided by: Sugarberries

Satchel - Firefly, Glory and Posey (UK)

Satchel/Tote Bag - Firefly and others (Greece)

Picture provided by: Prixton

Lunchbox & Thermos (Bow-Tie on Thermos)
Picture provided by: Eferia

Hard Bag? Case?
Picture provided by: Eferia

Lunchbox -metal
Picture provided by: Eferia

Firefly Buttericks Pattern(US)

Buttericks Christmas Ornament Pattern

Sewing Machine - Firefly (UK/US)

Firefly Clothes Hanger (Blue) (UK)

Firefly Clothes Hanger(Pink) (UK)

Deluxe My Little Pony 7-Piece hair/Care dresser set is just what every little girl needs! Set includes brush, comb, 2 ponytail holders, unbreakable mirror, large and small heart-shaped boxes.
Original Retail: set 7.99

Box set of 20 Christmas cards (four designs) from Woolworths, featuring Blossom, Confetti, Firefly, Peachy and Powder (UK)

Alarm Clock - Firefly (Pink) (UK)

Deluxe 6-Piece Hair Care Starter Set - Bow Tie and Firefly (US)

Floor Puzzle - Applejack, Bubbles and other early ponies (UK)
Picture provided by: salemsparker

Plastic Tray Puzzle (Firefly & Sunbeam)
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Plastic Tray Puzzle (Mother and Baby Firefly)

24 Piece Firefly & Baby Firefly Puzzle
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Playschool Wood Puzzle
Picture provided by: Glacia471

100 -Piece Puzzle (Firefly, Starflower, Trickles, Tickle, Peachy & Twinkles)
Picture provided by: Drusilla

My Little Pony Collectors Case

1984 Tara Toy Corp. Suitcase -Early Ponies

My Little Pony Numeral Candle
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Place Card Candy Cups
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Gumball Machine
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Pony Round Up 3-D Standup Game Front

Pony Round Up 3-D Standup Game Back

Light Brite Refills Back

Paint by Number that featured Applejack and other early ponies
Picture Provided by: Lancer

Lamp - Firefly under rainbow (US/Canada)

Four-Pack of magnets - Blossom, Firefly, Glory and Medley (US)

Ironing Board - Firefly, Powder, Posey and Surprise (US)

Mug (White) (Flat rim) - Firefly, Bow Tie and Bubbles (UK)

Plate (Rainbow Coloured) - Firefly, Applejack and Moondancer(US)

Teaset including four cups, four saucers, four plates and a coffee pot/milk jug plus some yellow plastic cutlery - Bow Tie, Cotton Candy, Firefly and Glory (US)

Bowl - Applejack, Bubbles, Firefly etc. (US)

Mug (Brown) - Firefly, Bow Tie and Bubbles (UK)

Mug (White) (Curved rim) - Firefly, Bow Tie and Bubbles (UK)

Sleeping Bag
Picture donated by: Drusilla

Slumbermate Bag

UK Club Member Bag
Picture provided by: Drusilla

Early Ponies Night Gown
(Available in Pink and Blue)

Pillow case - Sky Dancer/Majesty/Blossom/Firefly/Spike (US)


The Picnic Poster Calendar

Pony Picnic Poster Calendar Inside Front and Back

2003 Coaster Set
Picture provided by: Mircalla

Hoofbeats Welcome Letter
Picture provided by: Pikabubba

Picture provided by: Pikabubba

Retro Firefly Air-Freshener
Picture provided by: Drusilla

2012 MLP Fair T-Shirt

2012 MLP Fair Pin

2013 MLP Fair Hall of Fame Pin
Backcards and MOC Images

1984 Backcard

UK Fact File Page
Book Info Firefly appeared in the following titles:    

My Little Pony Adventure Book
Picture provided by: symmetry

Spike and the Magic Shoes (PB)
1985 -Random House
Written by Carey Timm
Illustrated by Cathy Beylon
Under the Big Top!
Fantasy Sticker Book

The Magic Nut Tree
Mini World Book
Picture provided by: sparkleset80

Coloring Fun
1984 - Happy House
Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken

Coloring and Activity Book
1984 - Happy House
Activities by Deborah Slier
Illustrated by Scott Sullivan

Christmas Coloring Book
1984 - Happy House
Illustrated by Scott Sullivan

My Little Pony
in the Country Coloring Book
1984 - Happy House
Illustrated by Scott Sullivan

Hide-And-Seek Coloring Book
1986 - Happy House
Illustrated by Renzo Barto

Baby Ponies' Party Coloring Fun
1986 - Happy House

Mi Pequeňo Pony
Feliz Cumpleaňos
Picture provided by: Mircalla

Mi Pequeňo Pony
Las herraduras mágicas
Picture provided by: Mircalla

UK Comic
Issue No. 1 - 1987
Surfdancer and The Little Mermaid - (UK)
Media Info   Foreign Names
Firefly appeared in Firefly's Adventure also known as the My Little Pony or Rescue at  Midnight Castle, or in the UK it was known as Dreamland.

Her voice was performed by: Sandy Duncan


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