MIB Items/Backcards
Here's a few MIB goodies for you to look at as well as backcards from each set. The images are rather large and, I hate saying this, but worth it if you're seriously collecting accessories. Some of them are of rather poor quality as I swiped them from eBay. If I have a picture of yours and you are seriously offended, let me know and I'll take them down. However, if you have MIB pictures of anything please send me an email! You'll receive full credit on my page and be my new best friend! I'm currently looking for MIB photos of  Pristina and Misty. I'd like to thank Baby Skydancer and The My Little Pony Collectors Website for their contributions.

First Edition Princesses

Princess Tiffany
Princess Primrose
Princess Serena
Princess Sparkle
Princess Starburst
Princess Royal Blue
   Yr 5 Backcard
Second Edition Princesses

Princess Sunbeam
Princess Moondust
Princess Pristina
Princess Taffeta
   Princess Dawn
   Yr 6 Backcard
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