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Welcomes to the Complete Princess Accessory Guide. One thing you should keep in mind while using this page is that for some princesses, there is no definite one set of items they came with. I've seen MIB items of the exact same princesses with two different accessory sets. All I've done is narrowed down the field for you so it's not as difficult to figure things out. In the end some of it comes down to simple preference.

On many of my princess pages (first release princesses especially) you'll notice that some of them have 2 or more of the same accessory listed. This is because they came equally with either one item or the other with neither one being easier or harder to find. That's where you kinda get to pick and choose what accessory you want your own princess to have.

Please note, I love Dream Valley; it's an excellent site, but it's totally wrong on the accessories that Princesses came with. My information comes from over two and a half years of sifting through auctions, tips from people who had items MIB, people who still do have items MIB, general common sense and well thought out estimation.

The images I've used come from a number of different scanners and digital cameras. I've tried to keep the colors and hues as close as possible to the originals but they may appear different on other monitors. Listed below are a few items that people may have difficulty picking out from each other.
  • Taffeta & Pristina's crowns respectively: For 2 and a half years I scoured eBay auctions looking in vain for a blue crown clip with a diamond in the center. I could never find it. You know why? Because it doesn't exist. The reason everyone thought the crown was blue was because that's what DV said it was. I think this problem came from a mistake in the backcard of our dear princesses as shown to the right. It's been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Sunbeam's crown is not purply-pink and that Misty's crown is not purple. Misty's is blue and Sunbeam's is lavender. So it only makes sense that Taffeta's would be that purply pink color. This took me 2 years to figure out and it only happened after a friend emailed me a picture of his own childhood Taffeta with this weird pinky/purple crown.

    To tell the difference between the two is simple: if you have a crown and it's difficult to tell what color it is, it's Taffeta's. Pristina's is a vibrant pink that can't be mistaken for purple in the least. The two crowns are shown side by side in the image to the left.

  • The purple comb from the first set of princesses and Moondust's comb respectively: Moondust's come is a richer shade of purple and a little darker as shown below.

  • The blue comb from the first set of princesses and Pristina's comb respectively: Pristina's has a touch of green in in her comb, it's more of a seagreen. The first set comb is all blue with no other tinges of color in it besides just blue. I guess you could call it a royal blue. It's color is exactly the same as Tiffany's wand.
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