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Ponyland Tours is a My Little Pony Identification and Information Site, designed to help other collectors like myself.

My Little Ponies which were first released in 1983 have continued to enchant people all around the world! This site is basically dedicated to the first Generation of My Little Pony (1983-1995) Please feel free to look around!

Pony Search Engine -Info on All My Little Ponies

Accessory ID- Info on what all US G1 MLP came with

Backcard Library -Backcard Stories on all G1 Ponies

Clipart Gallery -Free G1 Pony Graphics

My Little Pony Desktop Background - A Computer Desktop Background I created

Trade/Sales/Wants- My Want list is here.

Explanation on Why my Release Dates are different than other Sites.

Now thanks to Silverdawn We are hosting the Petite Pocket and My Little Pony Princess Pony Accessory Guide.

Thanks Page! - Just a place to say thanks to all the awesome people.


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