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The Pretty Parlor

(Peach, Pink, Pink hearts)

Twinkles the Cat

Dark Pink Normal Comb,Pink Heart Brush, Yellow Ribbon, Pink Ribbon, Pink Blanket, Pink Basket, Purple Strap, Purple English Saddle, Purple Bridle, Purple Reigns,   Yellow Straw Hat,  White Straw Hat,  Yellow Flower Hat, White Flower Hat, Peachy's Name Tag, Blossom's Name Tag, Blue Belle's Name tag, Cotton Candy's Name Tag, Minty's Name Tag, Butterscotch's Name Tag, Snuzzle's Name Tag

The Show Stable
Lemon Drop
(Yellow, Purple, Purple Drops)

Brandy the Dog
Yellow Weather Vane, White Steeple with purple Roof, White Bed with Purple headboards, 6 Green Fences, 2 Green Troughs, 2 Green Shelves, White A style Jump, 2 White adjustable stands, Yellow Bar, Pink Blanket, Pink Western Saddle with hole in saddle horn, Blue Rope Bridle,  Blue Reigns, 1st Place Ribbon, 2nd Place Ribbon, 3rd Place Ribbon, 2 Dark Yellow Trophies
The Waterfall
(Lavender, Aqua, Blue Ducks)

Duck Soup the Duck

Blue Sponge Brush, Green Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon, Pony Bubbles, 2 Purple Curler, Towel

Dream Castle


Spike the Dragon

Yellow Shooting Star Brush, Spikes Yellow Basket, Yellow Crank rope and hook for basket, 2 Yellow Hoops, Blue Shoe Holder, 4 Round Yellow Shoes, Purple Blanket, Blue Damsel Hat, Yellow Crown, Yellow Table, Blue throne, Pink Felt lining for throne, Blue Chest, 2Clear Blue Goblets, Blue Mirror, 3 White Flags with pink Sticker, 3 Yellow Felt Flags 4 Purple Felt Flag

Year 1 & 2 (1983-1984)
*Pretty Parlor**Show Stable**The Waterfall**Dream Castle*
Year 3 (1985)
*Lull-A-Bye Nursery**Baby Buggy*
Year 4 (1986)
*Paradise Estate**Bonnie Bonnets School of Dance**Pony Purse*
Year 5 (1987)
*Perm Shoppe**Pony Purse 2**Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe**Megan's Place*
Year 6 (1988)
*Brush-Me-Beautiful Boutique**Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace*
Year 7 (1989)
*Rock-a-bye Bed**Scrub-a-dub Tub**Sweet Dreams Crib**Dream Castle 2nd Edition**Home Sweet Home*
Year 8 (1990)
*Princess Baby Buggy*

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