Pony Wear
Pony Wear was released in many wonderful sets. In this section I hope to answer any and all questions on Pony Wear.    Also I don't have complete sets of all the items.  If you have a question on a particular item that is not answered in this section please send it to ivy@ponylandtours.com
First we will start out with the outfits available from Year 2(1984) to Year 3 (1985)
And now on with the show...
The Tea Party
  • Sheer Chiffon floral cape
  • Straw hat with purple flowers and pink tie-on ribbons
  • Four pink shoes


Best of the West
  • White cowboy hat with a dark pink hatband
  • Silver Saddle blanket with silver fringe
  • Silver sequin  bridle with silver and purple sequins and a white flower with purple center sequin at the top
  • Pink western saddle


Pony Royal
  • Magenta cape with a white faux fur trim
  • Clear plastic crown with silver trim and pink ribbons to tie it on with
  • Four very light lavender shoes


Great Skates
  • White elastic sweatband with a pink stripe down the center
  • Blanket: Purple with hot pink ruffles and pink tie on ribbons
  • Pink  English saddle
  • Four white skates with black bases and pink wheels


Parade Pizzazz
  • Green/purple blanket with silver elastic
  • Pink bridle with green accents and a green feathered plume with silver lame  reigns
  • Four pink shoes (not pictured)



Picture provided by: ChipsteRJ
Sweet Dreams
  • Pink terry pajamas
  • Pink rosebud floral printed nightcap
  • Four pink fuzzy slippers
  • Two large purple curlers
  • One small purple curler


Pony Luv
  • tennis dress
  • panties
  • visor
  • racket
  • 4 white sneakers



Picture provided by: ChipsteRJ
Pom Pom Pony
  • pleated skirt
  • MLP sweater
  • pom poms
  • MLP pennant
  • 4 purple sneakers


Party Time
  • party dress
  • party hat
  • gift box
  • 4 pink bow shoes



  • Rainbow striped mini dress
  • Pink headband with velcro close
  •  4  pink leg warmers,
  • Purple purse with a yellow MLP printed on it
  •  4 yellow bow shoes




Year 2(1984) Ponywear
*Tea Party**Best of the West**Pony Royal**Great Skates**Parade Pizzazz**Sweet Dreams**Pony Luv**Pom Pom Pony**Party Time**Flashprance*

Year 3(1985) Ponywear
with Jewelry

*Pageant Queen**Lights, Camera, Action**Hearts 'n Candy**From the Designers Collection**Sweetness 'n Lace**Something Old, Something New*

Year 3(1985) Ponywear
Mommy and Baby Wear

*Sun and Fun**Snow Angels**Sunday Stroll**Pony Workout**Ready for Rainbows**Prima Ballerina*

Year 4(1986) Ponywear
*Having a Luau**City Kids**Neon Lights**Strike up the Band*

Year 4(1986) Ponywear
Baby Pony Wear

*Overalls and Bunnysuit**Jumper and Snowsuit**Clown Suit and Bathrobe**Dragon Suit And Sunsuit*

Year 4(1986) Ponywear
Megan and Sundance Wear

*Picnic in the Park**Flower Darlings**Ice Princesses**Country Jamboree**Sweet Dreams**By the Sea*

Year 5(1987) Ponywear
*Hit the Slopes**Milk and Cookies**Pony Holiday**Pretty as a Picture**Sidewalk Surfer**Get Into the Groove*

Year 5 (1987) Ponywear
*Pony-Naut**Galaxy Glamor**Rockin' the Night Away**In the Center Ring**Acadamy Award**Abra-ca-dabra*

Year 5(1987) Ponywear
Baby Pony Wear

*Lion Suit and Sleepwear**Party Dress and Elephant Suit*
*Accessory Pack 1* Accessory Pack 2*Accessory Pack 3*Accessory Pack 4*

Year 6(1988)
My Little Pony Pretty Ups

*Birds and Flowers**Kittens and Teddies**Seashore**Ribbons and Lace*

UK Ponywear
*Partytime Outfit**Bedtime Outfit**Jewelry and Hair accessories*

Other Foreign Pony Wear

-Ponywear from other countries.


Fake Pony Wear
*Pink Cape Outfit*

- outfits that look like ponywear but are not made by Hasbro

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