Year 8 (1990)

(Body color / hair color/ symbol)


Rainbow Curl ponies (Yr. 8)
Raincurl Earth Pony Yellow Ribbon, Purple shooting star brush
Ringlet Earth Ponies Orange Ribbon, Pink shooting star brush  
Streaky Unicorn Ponies Pinkish-Purple ribbon, Blue shooting star brush
Stripes Pegasus Ponies Purple ribbon, Yellow shooting star brush  
Tropical Ponies
Hula Hula Earth pony Yellow bird brush
UK: Blue fish comb
Pina Colada Earth Pony Blue fish comb
Sea Breeze Pegasus Pony Hot pink bird brush  
Tootie Tails Earth Pony Magenta fish comb
Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies
Posey Rose Jointed  Ballerina Pony Dark aqua ribbon, Lime green stars hair pick, Purple and yellow flower barrettes, Pink tutu w/ silver glitter dots  
Silky Slipper Jointed  Ballerina Pony White ribbon, Purple star hair pick, pale aqua and pink flower barrettes, magenta tutu w/silver glitter dots    
Tip Toes Jointed  Ballerina Pony Dark pink ribbon, Purple hair pick, lt. pink and blue flower barrettes, yellow tutu w/ silver glitter dots
Twinkle Dancer Jointed  Ballerina Pony Yellow ribbon, Orange stars hair pick, lt. pink and white flower barrettes, purple tutu w/ silver glitter dots
Special store edition pony (Yr. 8)
Merry Treat Earth pony Bright yellow ribbon, Green Christmas tree comb
Special store edition pony (Yr. 8)
Pony Bride Earth Pony (Sister Style) Aqua ribbon, Pink flower pick, cubic zirconium ring, wedding cake, veil
Drink n wet Baby ponies(Yr. 8)
Baby Cuddles   Purple Ribbon, Green Bear Brush, Purple changing table, purple and green magic diaper in a magic diaper box, purplish-pink bottle
Baby Flicker Blue ribbon, White Duck Comb, Blue Bottle, Lt. Blue Changing Table, Magic Diaper Box w/ Aqua and Lavender Magic Diapers  
Baby Rainfeather Baby Earth Pony Dark pink ribbon, Purple duck comb, Purple and green diapers, Magic diaper box, Lavender bottle, Yellow changing table
Baby Snookums   dark pink ribbon, pink duck comb, aqua-green changing table, magic diaper box, purple and green diaper, pink bottle  
Sparkle Baby ponies(Yr. 8)
Baby Firefly Pegasus baby Blue Shooting Star Comb
Baby Gusty Unicorn baby Pink Shooting Star Comb
Baby  Northstar Earth Lavender Shooting Star Brush
Baby Starflower Earth Turquoise Shooting Star Brush
Glitter Sweetheart Sister Ponies (Yr. 8)
Bright Night Sweetheart Sister Pony Dark Purple glittery stars pick  
Starflash Sweetheart Sister Pony Light Pink glittery stars pick  
Sunblossom Sweetheart Sister Pony Light Blue glittery stars pick

*it appears purple MOC because of the pink background.

Twinkler Sweetheart Sister Pony Light Orange glittery stars pick  
Prom Queen Sweetheart Sisters
(yr. 8)
Cha Cha Sweetheart Sister Pony Dark Blue-Green glitter star hair pick, Light pink ruffle w/ silver lace trim, lavender flower barrette, Orange prom sweetheart perfume  Bottle


*variation Orange Three Star Pick

Daisy Dancer Sweetheart Sister Pony Blue glittery stars pick, Blue Ruffle, Yellow Flower Barrette, Pink Perfume Bottle  
Pretty Belle Sweetheart Sister Pony Yellow-Orange Glittery 3 Star Pick, yellow lace ruffle, Light Blue flower hair clip, Prom Sweetheart perfume
Sweet Sundrop Sweetheart Sister Pony Magenta glittery stars pick, Pink Ruffle, Aqua Flower Barrette, Light Pink Perfume Bottle

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