Year 7 (1989)
UK Accessories

(Body color / hair color/ symbol)


Candy Cane Ponies (Yr. 7)
Caramel CrunchEarth pony green ribbon, blue candy comb, pink lollipop barrette
(US : Molasses)
Earth pony Light Aqua ribbon, Purple wrapped candy comb, Pink ice cream soda barrette
Sugar ApplePegasus Pony pink ribbon, yellow wrapped candy comb, pink ice cream soda barrette  
Sugar SweetUnicorn Pony pink ribbon, blue wrapped candy comb, purple ice cream cone barrette  
Dance and Prance Ponies (Yr. 7)
D.J. gold mesh ribbon, pink shooting star brush, dk pink and pink earrings, aqua hair clip, Yellow Flower Barrette, White Boa, dark pink bird and flower hair clip  
Player gold mesh ribbon, purple boa, yellow & red earrings, blue hair clip with pink, and gold tinsel, blue bird with flower barrette, yellow stars comb  
Songster gold mesh ribbon, aqua shooting star brush, lt blue boa, white and pink earrings (or aqua with purple?), yellow hair clip with pink hair  
Swinger gold mesh ribbon, pink star brush, white boa, aqua w/ white earrings, gold hair clip w/ blue & tinsel hair, blue bird & flower barrette  
Tap Dancer gold mesh ribbon, pink boa, purple and pink earrings, pink and neon yellow hair clip, green stars comb, pink bird and flower hair clip  
Twirler Unicorn Pony Gold mesh ribbon, Light blue boa, Green and pink earrings, Purple and yellow hair clip, Yellow bird with flower hair clip. Blue stars comb  
Merry Go Round Ponies (Yr.7)
Brilliant Blossoms Merry Go Round Pony Aqua flower brush
Flower Bouquet Merry Go Round PonyBlue flower brush
Sunnybunch Merry Go Round PonyBlue-green flower brush
Tassels Merry Go Round PonyLight blue flower brush
Perfume Puff ponies (Yr. 7)
Dainty Dahlia Earth Pony Pink ribbon, Yellow flower hair pick, Purple flower barrette  
Daisy Sweet Earth Pony lavender ribbon, all pink flowered hair pick, blue flower barrette  
Lavender Lace Pegasus Pony pale lavender ribbon, aqua flower pick, yellow flower barrette  
Red Roses Unicorn Ponies white ribbon, purple flower comb, aqua bird and flower barrette
Sweet Lily Earth Pony (ribbon?) blue hair pick, yellow bird and flower barrette  
Sweet Suds Earth Pony Yellow ribbon, Aqua flower hair pick, Purple flower barrette  
Princess Brush n Grow (Yr. 7)
Brilliant Bloom Light Blue ribbon, yellow long handle brush, pale green long handle comb, purple and pink 'I love you' barrettes, Pony Nail Polish, Pony Lipstick  
Glittering Gem pale yellow ribbon, lavender long handle brush, yellow long handle comb, lt blue and pink 'I love you" barrettes, Pony Nail Polish, Pony Lipstick  
Skylark mint green brush, purple comb, yellow and pink "I Luv You" barrettes, Pony Nail Polish, Pony Lipstick  
Star Gleamer Blue Ribbon, Aqua brush & purple comb, Aqua and Pink "I Luv You" barrettes, Pony Nail Polish, Pony Lipstick
Sunshine ponies (Yr. 7)
Beach Ball Unicorn Pony no ribbon) purple sun hair pick
Mainsail Earth Pony  chartreuse butterfly brush
Sand Digger Earth Pony  pink butterfly brush
Wave Runner Pegasus Pony  blue sun hair pick
Sparkle Pony (Yr. 7)
Napper Earth Pony  Pink moon comb
Sky Rocket Earth Pony  lt purple shooting star brush
Star Dancer Earth Pony  Yellow star comb
Star Hopper Unicorn Pony  dk pink shooting star brush  
Sunspot Earth Pony  orange sun hair pick
Twinkler Pegasus Pony  blue moon comb
Loving Family Ponies (yr.7)
Daddy Apple Delight Male Pony    
Mummy Apple Delight Earth Pony    
Baby Brother Apple Delight Baby Boy Pony Yellow Bow-Tie with white Elastic Band
Baby Sister Apple Delight Earth Baby Pony Dark Pink "I Love You" Barrette
Daddy Bright Bouquet Male Pony    
Mummy Bright Bouquet Earth Pony    
Baby Brother Bright Bouquet Baby Boy Pony Purple Bow-Tie with White Elastic Band
Baby Sister Bright Bouquet Earth Baby Pony Dark Purple "I Love You" Barrette
Daddy Sweet Celebrations Male Pony    
Mummy Sweet Celebrations Earth Pony    
Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations Baby Boy Pony Pinkish-Purple Bow-Tie with white Elastic Band.
Baby Sister Sweet Celebrations Baby Earth Pony Pink-Purple 'I Love You' Barrettey
Playtime Baby Ponies (Yr. 7)
Baby Dots 'n Hearts   Blue ribbon, yellow bird brush, aqua dish, purple spoon, lavender stacking toy blue/white/green/yellow rings, sipper cup, lavender lace and mesh bow  
Baby Glider   yellow ribbon, green duck comb, duck pull toy, blue dish w/ pink spoon, dk. pink lace and mesh bow  
Baby Splashes   pink ribbon, blue bird brush, white stacking toy blue/yellow/green/purple rings, lime green dish, yellow spoon, sipper cup, lime green mesh and lace bow  
Baby Starburst Baby Earth pony Lavender ribbon, Yellow duck comb, Blue dish, Yellow spoon, Sipper cup, Yellow mesh and lace bow, Pink stacking toy Green, Yellow, white Blue rings  
Baby Drummer Male Baby Pony Dark Yellow ribbon, Dark Orange Race Car Comb, Red striped bandanna, Yellow and red xylophone with blue wheels, Blue mallet, Yellow dish with light blue spoon  
Baby Paws Male Baby Pony Dark pink ribbon, Orange race car comb, Pink dish w/yellow spoon, Light Blue xylophone w/ pink stripes and yellow wheels, Orange mallet; Yellow and white striped bandana  
Newborn ponies (Yr. 7)
Dangles   dark yellow duck comb, all white small bottle
Shaggy   purple duck comb, all white small bottle
Squirmy   purple duck comb, all white small bottle
Tappy pink earth pony  blue duck comb, all white small bottle
Wiggles aqua unicorn pony  pink duck comb, all white small bottle
Yo-Yo purple newborn pegasu  Yellow duck comb, all white small bottle
Windy Wing ponies (Yr. 7)
Cool Breeze Butterfly Pony Blue sun pick  
Flurry Butterfly Pony Green sun pick  
Moon Jumper Butterfly Pony Pink sun pick  
Starry Wings Butterfly Pony Dark green sun pick  
Sunglider Butterfly Pony Yellow sun hair pick  
Whirly Butterfly Pony Orange sun hair pick  
Sweetheart Sisters
Dainty Sweetheart Sister Pony Purple mesh bow, Purple flower brush
Flowerburst Sweetheart Sister Pony Pink mesh bow, pink flower brush 
Spring Song Sweetheart Sister Pony Yellow mesh bow, Yellow Flower brush 
Wildflower Sweetheart Sister Pony Aqua Mesh Bow, Aqua Flower Brush

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