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 Royal Pony Palace 

The Castle was a gigantic petite playset.  Undoubtedly the largest yet!  Surprisingly it only came with 5 accessories: a swan carriage, dresser, throne,  bed, and  table set for 2.  It also came with a number of flags that were to be placed on top of the towers.  Since it was so large it came with two petites instead of just one.  One of it's most unique features is the little elevator that you can use to push the ponies to the second story.  A light was supposed to come on when they got to the top. (mine doesn't work. *pout*)  It's base was green.

Price: Loose $25-30 $40-50 MIB
Ponies: $5+


Purple Crown
Magic Star

 Magic Wand

The two ponies it came with were Sundrop & Magic Star.  I haven't yet seen any variations in either pose or tails.