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Variations are weird Canadian and UK Counterparts to the playset petites. It's rumored that ever playset pony does have another variation somewhere but I have yet to see or hear about either castle petite variations.  On the boxes they always look like they have molded tails but I've been informed that those boxes contained real hair petites.  If you have any info PLMK! Anywhoo, I have found every other variation except for those two. Unless noted, all the variation's hair is the same as a twinkle petites hair: Just slightly curled.

Price: $5+

Tabby: She's in her correct pose but her hair is tightly curled.

Floater: In half rear pose instead of the pegasus one.

Misty: In the side turn pose instead of the chest pose.

Flurry: In side turn pose instead of hoof up pose.

Puddles: In half rear pose instead of full rear. Thank those butt ugly tails...

Flitter: In correct pose but her hair is tightly curled.

Topper: In pegasus pose instead of half rear. Has tightly curled tail which is pink and not the off orange color is supposed to be.

Whirly: In half rear pose instead of chest pose.

Shoppe Variations
Purple Cash Register
Yellow-Orange Long Stemmed Coke Bottle

Pink Perfume Bottle
House Variations
 Yellow Mittens
Yellow Duck

Blue Candle in Holder
Carousel Variations
Red Tickets
White Pinwheels