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Petite Pony Parade

The very first set of petites ever released that included 8 petites. Each has their own design and came in 1 of 6 different molds.  Their tails were made of hard plastic that was molded to their bodies.  Please note that with the parade set, the color of their symbols does vary from pony to pony. I've had this reported by two different people Windwhistler and Courtney. Thanks for the info!

Price: $4-6 each

Purple Crayon
White Pegasus, Purple Ice Cream Cone Symbol Purple Ice Cream Cone
**Sweet Sorbet**
Purple Ballet Slippers
Orange Sun
Orange Sun
Blue Petite with Purple Teddy
Purple Teddy
**Snuggle Tight**
White Duck Symbol
White Duck
Pink Petite, Aqua Butterfly
Aqua Butterfly
**Whisper Wings**

Orange Petite, Aqua Teapot Symbol
Aqua Teapot
Purple Umbrella
Purple Umbrella
**April Showers**
Pink Petite with White Beachball
White Beachball
**Beachy Keen**

**Names are not official**
The names under The names are not official - they came with no names so the fans decided to give them some in 2012 polls were held and the most popular name chosen.
Pictures Provided  by Emery  & Recelestia