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 Glowing Magic Ponies 

This set contained 12 different ponies that glowed in the dark. Their symbols each featured something to do with sleep. Quite honestly, these little guys are pretty ugly.  However, I love them anyway because they glow and small things amuse me. ;)  One thing I love to do is turn all the lights off in my "petite village" and just watch the glowing ponies I have stand out of everything else.  Spooky! What's that saying... simple minds, simple pleasures...  A big thanks to DizzyDava for helping me get the pink with blue hair one!  It was the last one I needed to finish this set! :)

Price: $8+


Purple Bed

Pink Shooting Star

Blue Candle in Holder

Aqua Clock

Pink Toothbrush & Paste

Pink Moon in Nightcap

Blue Sheep Jumping 

Pink Bunny Slippers

Orange Bottle

Purple Cradle

Orange Teddy

Blue Glow Worm