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There were 3 different pony shoppes.  Each was exactly like the other except different colors and accessories were included.  It's impossible to say which accessory was supposed to be which color because they were always changed.  I think it's safe to say if you have all the accessories to a playset, you're pretty well off.  Collecting variation accessories could take forever.

Accessories they all shared were bases, and 2 white fences that could be placed on the base.  Each shop also had 2 accessories that were hooked onto the actual shop and couldn't be detached.  I'm not going to include these with the accessory list as it just confuses things and chances are you if get the shop, you'll get those too.

Price: $5-$8 loose $10-25 MIB

Ponies: $3 for common $5 for varient

The Happy Hoof Market

Got this for X-mas the same year I got my pearly petites. ^_^ It came with a bag of groceries that could either be placed in the cart, or scooter that also came with it.  And there was a frozen foods deep freezer, a produce counter, and a gumball machine. It's base was light green.




Tabby is the name of the pony included with the market.  Her symbol is a purple cash register.  She's supposed to have a hard molded tail but... I HAVE A VARIATION!!  Mine has a combable curly tail!  To see other variants, click here.

The Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe

It came with a mirror, hair drier seats, jewelry counter, coffee table, & magazine rack. It's base was forest green. Please note that the sink I have displayed is missing it's overhead vanity counter thing. It's just a small peice that attaches onto the back.


The pony that came with it was Misty.  Her symbol was a perfume bottle. The variation is in the side turn pose.

The Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe

It came with an ice cream price board, booth, ice cream slide, round table, & purple jukebox and an ice cream cart that I didn't even realize I didn't have when I took the pic. Just so you know. :) The shoppe's base was purple.

The pony that came with it was floater.  Her symbol was a soda bottle.  A floater variation can be seen above.