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There were 3 different pony homes.  Each was exactly like the other except different colors and accessories were included.  It's impossible to say which accessory was supposed to be which color because they were always changed.  I think it's safe to say if you have all the accessories to a playset, you're already pretty far ahead. I know if I did I'd be trying to collect these different colored accessories forever.  I also think the names of these homes got mixed up... but then that's just me.  We all know how smart Hasbro was about everything. 

Price: $5 loose $10-20 MIB

Ponies: $3 for common $5 for varient

Accessories that were the same to all these playsets were the railings that went to the top of the house, a blue or greeny colored base, and 2 white fences that could placed in a variety of spots on the base.

Happy Hearts Cottage

The first house was the Happy Hearts Cottage. This is the one I think was supposed to have been named the Pony Prints Cabin since it seemed like a cabin type and the the actual Hasbro named "Cabin" has hearts all over it... oh well. It came with a bathtub, chesterfeild, dresser and a teeter-totter.  It's base was pink.

Puddles was the name of the pony that came with the house.  She was in my all-time fav. rear pose.  Her symbol was a yellow duck.  She also had a variation in a different pose and a real tail.

The Whinny Winks Inn

It came with a bed, table set with a meal, a dresser, and swing.  It's base was forest green.

Little Flitter was the pony that came with it.  Her symbol was a blue candle in a holder. Her variation was in the same mold but had tightly curled hair instead.

The Pony Prints Cabin

Here's the playset that should have been the Happy Hearts Cottage.  It came with a bed, fireplace, wishing well, and a couch.  It's base was light blue.


Flurry was the pony that came with it.  Her symbol was yellow mittens.  She's supposed to be in the "hoof up" pose  with molded hair (left pic) but I have a VARIATION!!  *brag brag brag*  She's in the side turn pose with real hair.  If you want to see more brags... I mean variations go here.