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 Pretty N' Pearly Petites 

My ultimate favorite set and probably the rarest of the first batch of ponies.  I got these for X-mas when I was 7.  I remember I was so excited about the pink one with wings because I thought she was a mini Heart Throb and she had always been my most wanted pony.  My sister got a set of pony tales petites and she was mad because her set only have 4 in it while mine had 5. ^_^  Plus I always did like the molded tail better than the real ones anyway. These petites were also unique in that some have differently printed eyes. Some are large, slightly fuzzy and black while others have more finely detailed smaller eyes with color to them! Thank you Laura for the info!

Price: $6+

Purple Moon w/Nightcap
*Sweet Dreams*

 Aqua Leaf/Feather

Pink Umbrella
*Strawberry Rain*
I need a better picture of this one!
Please e-mail

if you can provide one!

Blue Seashell
*Ocean Sunset*

Blue Heart w/Wings
(my ultimate fav!)

**Names are not official**
The names under the petites are not official - they came with no names so the fans decided to give them some in 2012 polls were held and the most popular name chosen.
Pictures Provided  by Emery
*Shown larger than actual size