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 Sunsparkle Petite 

This was the second set of petites put out.  They are sometimes confused with twinkle ponies but their tails are hard plastic and they don't have any glitter in their bodies.  They came in 5 different poses. The manufacturers must have been stupid and some of their symbols were almost they same color as their bodies, making it impossible to see them.  I've done close-ups of some of the worst.

Price: $6-8+

Orange Petite with Yellow Ring
Yellow Ring
**Honey Moon**
 Green with Purple Balloons
Purple Balloons
**Drift Away**
Orange Petite with Red Hot Air Balloon
Red Hot Air Balloon
**High Hopes**

  Purple with yellow perfume bottle
Yellow Perfume Bottle
**Sweet Mist**

  Blue with Purple Ice Cream Soda
Ice Cream Soda
**Frozen Delight**

**Names are not official**
The names under the petites are not official - they came with no names so the fans decided to give them some in 2012 polls were held and the most popular name chosen.
Pictures Provided  by Emery
*Shown larger than actual size