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 Pony Tale Petites 

My least favorite set.  What were they thinking when they gave them real tales?! And each different set within this set shared the exact same symbols which were a clock, pizza, comb, & mirror. Real creative. This made for one of the dumbest ideas from Hasbro yet!  There were a whopping 12 of these little buggers.  Each set contained 4 instead of the regular 5 different ponies in only 4 of the 6 poses.  The reason for there being one less pony for your money was because they included a cute little comb to brush ponies hair.  Excuse me, screw the comb and give me another pony!  The instant you tried to comb their hair it automatically frizzed anyway!  Each group of 4 below is one of the 3 sets.

Price: $2-4

Red/Orange Mirror
 Beige Clcok
Purple Brush
Pink Pizza
Red/Orange Mirror
Blue Clock
Yellow Brush 
Pink Pizza
Purple Mirror
Mint Clock
Green Brush
Orange Pizza