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Petite Ponies came in only 6 different poses, 2 of which were discontinued because of those butt ugly tails!!!! 

One of them was what I call the "hoof up" pose where the front right hoof is raised completely up but the other three hooves are still left flatly on the ground.

The next one was the "semi rear" pose in which the petite's front hooves were raised off the ground but weren't put all the way up in the air.

Then there was the one and only pegasus pose.  They can be told apart obviously by the wings on the side.  Regretfully, there was never a unicorn pose.

These next two poses can be difficult to tell apart.  This what I call the "sideturn" pose.  The ponies head is turned to her right side and hair falls to the right also. Her front right hoof is slightly raised.

The other pose I call the "chest" pose.  For those of you who have sick minds you may now laugh.  Her front right hoof is also slightly raised but her head is pushed down into her chest instead of turned to the side.  Her hair also falls to the left side of her neck unlike sideturn pose.  This pose was discontinued at the start of the pony tales ponies and was never seen again.

This is my personal favorite pose which I call the "rear".  In this one, the pony stands only on her two hind legs and lifts the front two totally off the ground.  Of course because I liked this pose it was also discontinued at the start of the pony tails ponies.  Probably because there was no way to give her a butt ugly real tail and still have her balance like this. *sigh* These last two poses seemed doomed from the start of the Parade set when they each only got 1 pony while all the other poses got two.