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I want to start by saying this sight was not meant to compete with Dream Valley.  (not that I'd win anyway ^_^)  DV is a great place to get the barebones minimum on pics.  but what I'd like to do is give you a better pic. of all the different ponies.

Petites were those cute little 1.25" tall ponies released in 1989-1991.  I honestly don't think they were very successful and the run stopped all too soon.  There were only 7 different sets of petites ever made and just a few buildings. (can be seen on the side) 

None of the ponies except those that came with the playsets had a name.  Most could only be identified by body & hair color, and their symbols. There were the 6 basic molds (see poses) they all came in and that was it.  Each pony's symbol was featured only on one side.

A new set of petites was released at a toy fair that featured the new 1997 ponies in petite poses.  But that was the end of what could have become a truly great new era.

Due to popular demand and the fact that I've completed my petite set, I've added a loose price estimate to each page of petites. The prices are for minty to mint condition petites. Prices will go down depending on condition or up depending on how badly some people may want them. Please keep in mind that if you search out eBay and keep your eyes pealed, you will probably be able to get the petites cheaper than I have them valued at. Thankfully, not too many people collect these so the market is wide open!